In-House Solicitors: Our Survey is Imminent

We are about to go live with our in-house solicitors survey.  Invitees will very shortly (early next week we hope) be receiving an email inviting them to participate in our research.  If you are an in-house solicitor, read on…

The SRA have agreed to contact in-house solicitors to enable us to reach as many of you as possible.  If your usual temptation is to delete or file SRA emails for subsequent action, please do not do that over the coming days.  They are sending out information in their general mailing this week and a specific email invite next week.

We really hope as many invited in-house solicitors as possible can respond.  We want to build up as detailed a view as possible of how you and your organisations, see the role of in-house lawyers. The survey is invitation only to manage the survey as scientifically as possible.  If you complete the survey we think you will see that the results promise to be both fascinating and very useful.

Although the SRA are assisting with invitations to the survey, for which we are very grateful, the research is entirely independent of them.  Design, analysis and write up has been and will be conducted solely by the research team.  As you will know if you have begun to follow our work we plan a national debate on the issues in a series of forthcoming townhalls and a practitioner focused white paper on what lessons this work yields.  All information is confidential.  No participants will be identified.

Anyone interested, keep you eyes on your inbox.


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