NYC Event: Understanding the Moral Compass of In-House Lawyers

Very kindly organised by Ethical Systems we are discussing our research in New York City, July 14th as, “An opportunity to debate the role of the GC, its ethical framework and to highlight guiding principles.” We are especially delighted to be doing so with Azish Filabi and John Sherman.

If you are interested please RSVP by Email to to attend.

The event is free.


Richard Moorhead, Centre for Ethics and Law, UCL Laws Speakers
Steven Vaughan, CEPLER, Birmingham Law School
John F. Sherman III, SHIFT, General Counsel & Senior Advisor
Azish Filabi, CEO, Ethical Systems (moderator)
Thursday, July 14, 5:00 – 6:30pm, NYU Stern School of Business, Kaufman Management Center, 11th Floor


The past 20 years have resulted in a shifting landscape of the practice of law, as corporate in-house departments have greatly expanded, while competition and consolidation has altered private practice at law firms. You are invited to join us in a discussion of the ethical implications of this shifting landscape, as highlighted by the evidence shown in a pioneering UK based survey of 400 in-house lawyers working in commercial, government and third sectors conducted by Professor Richard Moorhead, Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law, University College London.

The survey provides a unique profile of individual in-house lawyers and their teams’ orientations, the invocation of professional principles, ethical infrastructure, ethical pressure and relationships with the employer. The survey also goes a step further and relates these issues to externally validated indicators of ethical inclination (moral attentiveness and moral disengagement). Professors Moorhead and Vaughan will discuss the survey results, and its implications for the practice of law, alongside a panel of experienced practitioners moderated by Azish Filabi, CEO of Ethical Systems, who will discuss the principles and survey takeaways that could guide the role of in-house lawyers for the next 20 years.

The research is authored by Richard Moorhead, Centre for Ethics and Law,
UCL Laws, Steven Vaughan, CEPLER, Birmingham Law School, Cristina
Godinho, Centre for Behaviour Change, UCL, Paul Gilbert, LBC Wise Counsel
and Stephen Mayson, Centre for Ethics and Law, UCL Laws.

Hosted by Ethical Systems
Co-sponsored by The NY State Bar Association Int’l and Corporate Counsel Sections

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