Ethical Leadership Roundtable Reports

We are publishing here a report of the ethical leadership roundtables conducted as part of our ongoing work on this initiative. This report will be shared with all participants and published more widely as well.

It is intended to be read as an anecdotal review of conversations that took place. It is therefore a contribution to the debate, not a definitive explanation of need and solutions.

It should be read alongside the far more detailed report published in June 2016 accessible via this link: which it significantly validates and supports.

We hope this report of roundtable discussions will present an opportunity for all in-house lawyers to reflect on their roles as ethical leaders and to help them to better position their ethical role within their employer business/organisations.

In a third report, to be published in 2018, we will make our recommendations in respect of ethical leadership for in-house lawyers which we hope will support the ambition of in-house lawyers to be confident of their obligations and to have access to the proportionate resources and insights that will help them succeed.

Gilbert 2018 Ethical Leadership Roundtables, March and April 2016.pptx UCL slide template

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